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Our rice is processed using the traditional artisan method of stone-milling,
which is combined with modern technology to give a highly selected product.

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Rice varieties

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Carnaroli: the quintessential rice...

Renowned and valued by top chefs, carnaroli is used in the preparation of delicious risottos, traditional in Piedmontese cuisine.

The grain is large and resistant to cooking. The grains stay whole and separate. Ideal for risottos, rice salads and cold dishes.


Arborio: tasty and tempting...

Known all over Italy and further afield as the risotto rice. The grain is large, with extensive pearling on a large proportion of the surface.

This variety is appreciated in culinary circles for its unmistakable fragrance and is often used in the preparation of risottos and rice salads.


Baldo: a great alternative...

A historic rice variety, also very common in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries. It has large, crystalline grains. As with all crystalline rice varieties, it requires close attention during cooking.

Baldo readily absorbs any kind of flavour. It is ideal for creamy risottos and timbales.


Sant'Andrea: a traditional rice from Baraggia...

Originating in Baraggia Vercellese, this rice is now also grown in the Lomellina area. It has a medium-sized grain with a tapered end and a pearled centre.

It holds its shape well with cooking and shows excellent compactness. The result is creamy and fragrant, ideal for risottos with sauce, arancini and rice-based desserts.


Ribe: a rice for all cultures...

Little known among Italian consumers, this group contains several rice varieties. It is crystalline, with the exception of a few species which display slight pearling in the centre of the grain.

The grain is small to medium in size. Not recommended for risottos, It breaks down easily on cooking. Ideal for the preparation of side dishes, fillings, timbales, supplì and arancini. Extremely common in Asian cooking, this rice is ideal for steaming.


Tondo: grandmother's rice...

This is one of the most ancient varieties grown in Italy and the world. It is mainly sold on foreign markets and is primarily used in the production of puffed rice, rice cakes and many other products, either refined or wholegrain. The grain is small and rounded, sometimes crystalline or pearled, depending on quality.

Average cooking time is short, so care is required. This rice reminds us of old-fashioned dishes; it is ideal for soups, minestrones or creamy risottos, puddings and sweets.



This rice has only the inedible outer hull removed. It is amber in colour, and a complete food, thanks to its high content of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibre.

Essential in a balanced diet. Cooking time is approximately 45 minutes. Ideal for the preparation of cold dishes or eaten by itself.


Special Rices

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Black aromatic rice: the emperor's rice...

The aromatic wholemeal BLACK rice has a completely natural aroma and pigmentation. Fundamental for a healthy and balanced diet considering the high iron and selenium content. BLACK rice owes its particular color thanks to the very high content of anthocyanins, or plant substances present in the plant, which play an important antioxidant role.

Like all wholemeal rice it has very long cooking times, about 45 minutes. Tasty and enveloping on the palate, ideal for the preparation of appetizers, fine dishes, flans with vegetables or fresh fish.


Ermes: the aromatic red rice...

Born as a cross between Venere and a long-grained variety and developed and selected by Sa.Pi.Se., this is a red wholegrain rice. Thanks to its high concentration of fibre, minerals and anthocycanins which give it its colour, Ermes is ideal in a complete and balanced diet.

Cooking time is very long, around 45 minutes. Fragrant and delicately flavoured, this rice is suitable for the preparation of imaginative and delicious chefs’ dishes. Can be enjoyed on its own or with fresh vegetables or fish.


Sushi Rice:

Obtained by a special and meticulous process, this rice is perfect for Japanese cooking.

Ideal for the preparation of delicious antipasti with raw fish.


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