Riseria De Medici

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Founded after the First World War, Riseria De Medici specialises in the processing of prime quality Italian rice from Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto.

Experience gained over three generations allows us to offer our customers a product that’s natural and of exceptional quality. The rice is processed by the ancient traditional method of stone hulling which, when combined with modern technology, results in a highly selected product.

Tradition and Innovation

Discover our production process

From receiving the raw materials to packaging the finished product, all our processes are constantly monitored by highly trained personnel.
The assignment of product batches allows us to ensure, with maximum precision and transparency, the traceability of every product, right back to the farm where it grew.

Quality Rice

Certified management system

Our hard work and experience gained over several decades have allowed us to achieve an important objective: to supply our customers with a superior quality of rice, to meet the most exacting criteria.

Riseria De Medici

Your ideal partner

A company built one step at a time by people whose work is their passion

On the European market for over a hundred years

A private company run directly by the De Medici family

Management and quality control system certified by Bureau Veritas

Transparent, guaranteed traceability and supply chain

Full environmental protection to encourage sustainable agriculture

Riseria De Medici


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